About Jing


"Essence is that which is bestowed by nature. It is rooted in the beginningless, espied in the absolute, and becomes fragmented in the temporal." – Ancestor Lu, Qingwei sanpin jing (circa century A.D.)
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Madeleine Andrews founder of Jing (meaning Essence) has worked in the natural health industry for some years both here in New Zealand and Australia.   Madeleine has completed a number of natural health qualifications including a Diploma in Herbal Studies, National Certificate in Natural Therapies, National Certificate in Relaxation Massage, qualified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner as well as numerous hours in personal study and seminars.
Over the years Madeleine has personally spent many weeks with one of her manufacturers hand harvesting Wild Kanuka and Manuka oil.  Madeleine understands the time, as well as effort that goes into producing such beautiful pure ingredients, and is proud to be able to bring the beauty and benefits of these oils to her clients.

Madeleine's passion is aromatherapy and creating alluring products that not only smell divine but are highly beneficial for the senses and skin.


Our mission is to provide a brand that people can trust and indulge in; we ensure our products are 'naturally from the earth, not costing the earth'. We carefully select our oils to ensure you are getting the best product possible.  All our oils are 100% pure therapeutic oils and all our ingredients are well researched and sourced through reputable suppliers from around the world.  Our suppliers provide high quality ingredients and have proven 'Certificates of Authenticity' assuring us and you of their purity.

We pride ourselves on always maintaining a high standard of ethics, honesty and customer service and we are a company passionate about looking after the wellbeing of others.  We never use any chemical ingredients in our products, such as parabens, petrochemicals or preservatives.

We are only a small boutique family business and have just planted the seed so we are growing.  If we don't have a particular oil or ingredient available on our website then we are happy to source it for you. Just ask us